Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Just had a quick look at Phil's blog and found a link to this interesting article on the BBC about FaceBook and how it is being used by students and the reactions of Universities etc:

Facing up to Facebook


Here are some interesting Web 2.0 resources for people to play with from Phil Bradley’s course:

Pageflakes: This allows you to create your own homepage. Use the flakes to add RSS feeds, e-mail, to do lists, calendars, bookmarks etc

Bloglines: If you want a simple RSS reader Phil recommends this tool, use it to add feeds from sites such as the BBC or to rerun internet searches on tools such as Google.

CustomSignGenerator: This is the site that I’ve been using to find possible images for our tip of the week marketing campaign. Share bookmarks either from person to person or just from machine to machine.

Literature Map: If you liked a book by one author see what else this site thinks you might like (not sure I agree with all the answers).

Slide Share: Store Powerpoint Presentations on the web for easy access and the ability to share with others.

For more info about these and others resources try Phils website and blog or take a look at the documentation in the black boxes in the FSL’s office.


Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Article on teaching with Blackboard

There is a new journal out called 'Communications in Information Literacy' available at

In this, its first issue, there is an article about the use of Blackboard in teaching sessions:

As always there seems to be a lot more support at the institutional level as they incorportaed a summative assignment into the process, but there may still be something we can take from this.