Friday, 7 September 2007

Information literacy for off-campus students

The following article has been published in Libri Volume 57, Number 3, September 2007 which we have online access to via the catalogue. The direct link is I have only read the conclusions and recommendations so far, and they aren't unexpected, but this article would be interesting reading as we consider how we can support users at a distance.

Developing Information Literate Off-Campus Learners: Pedagogical
Issues and Current Practice ROBERT NEWTON

Abstract. This study examined the potential and actual roles that
academic librarians play in supporting the development of information
literate off-campus learners. It reviews the literature, concentrating
in particular on issues related to the institutional context in which
off-campus learners are supported and the teaching role of the
academic librarian. A series of 12 interviews and a questionnaire
survey of 70 academic librarians provided the basis for a detailed
analysis of the current situation in Scotland and a Web survey was
used to confirm key findings, extending the study to include academic
librarians across the United Kingdom. The research concludes that the
most critical issue to be addressed is the integration of academic
library professionals within course teams. These librarians are
willing to become involved in teaching and to take responsibility for
the delivery of information literacy courses for off-campus learners,
but in order to do so effectively they must operate and interact with
students within the same learning space as the academic staff.