Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Hi All,

Further to Christine's message, Moira's blog contains a link to the following article on interactive teaching techniques that's really interesting and gives some practical examples of quizzes etc that we might want to try. I quite like the Boolean crossword!

Games for teaching information literacy skills

Another fun tool I've come across recently at LILAC is Library Bingo (Andy Jackson, University of Dundee). This works by asking students to write down a list of say 5 things that they would expect to find in the Library. We then start to bring up a list of resources, starting with some of the more obscure, until some one shouts "house!". As well as giving us the opportunity to advertise the range of resources available, by asking at the end if anyone has anything we haven't mentioned, it also provides a way of monitoring user expectations. I'm hoping to try this out with foundation students during next years induction.


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