Friday, 31 August 2007

Information Literacy Strategy Plan 2007/08

I've drafted a new implementation plan for this academic year which you can see at S:\Staff\Academic Support\Meetings and Action points\Info Lit strategy\Info lit strat plan 0708.doc

Please have a look at it and add your comments /ideas to this post here on the blog. If you want to add or change text in the plan please use Track Changes and put a note in the blog to alert us all to the changes.

We'll finalise the plan in the first part of our Info Literacy meeting on Friday 14th September so I'd be grateful if you could post your comments by Thursday 13th.

Many thanks,


A S Team said...

There are a couple of activities such as NetSupport School that I think we can all have a go at this October, but others such as self diagnostics which we may not be able to fully implement until next year's dissertation sessions, but I suppose that is unavoidable given the seasonal nature of teaching.

I have put together a duo-only set of online training activities for Physics Level 1. In the past we have spent 9 hours teaching them, but this year the department has given them the OK to just use the online materials. They're not quite learning chunks but do make use of the audio tour and references powerpoint that Caro put together for last year's induction. To have a look its in 'Finding the information you need' module, Subject Support, Physics Level 1. There are also some quizzes in there so that ties in with the point on the plan about self-assessment.

Looking forward to setting some deadlines!

A S Team said...

The Physics training activities package in DUO looks really good. Having seen this (and subject to having time...!) I would like to explore doing something similar for one of my subjects.


A S Team said...

With regard to 'marketing to academic staff', I have made a comment about the fact that we need to articulate as a team what it is we are offering our academic staff, and what we want to promote to them, before deciding on activities otherwise we won't be focused.